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Hades and Persephone AU (part 3) by ewelock Hades and Persephone AU (part 3) by ewelock
Thorin in full Underworld!King regalia and Persephone!Bilbo colored! He wears a raven mask, since ravens are a sign of death, and
a little play on Hobbit canon, ravens were large black birds of Middle-earth, sometimes associated with the ill news of death, and were known for their harsh voices. The Ravens of Erebor often brought secret news to the people of Thror, the King under the Mountain, and in return they were rewarded with bright objects to hide in their dwellings dotted around Dale and at Ravenhill.

This mask is sort of creepy, and this is what I pictured what he’d look like when he’s kidnapping Persephone!Bilbo.

And you know Bilbo’s conceptual drawings were suppose to be serious but LOL I couldn’t help but slip in his sass. I especially like the second drawing of him on the floor because he sort of looks like, ‘really, Thorin, we are dong this kidnapping thing, really?’
Sude-Banner Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is the best crossover idea ever! :D Love the raven-theme and Persephone totally fits Bilbo's character! Haha this is genius; it needs to be a fanfic or a comic or something.

"Really, Thorin? You really had to resort to kidnapping me?"
vya Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2013
Oh wow<3 Their clothes are looking perfect, I'm so in love with Bilbo's! :heart: Thorin's mask is really interesting and kind of creepy.. ()And it reminded me of these helmets people who are wporking underground are wearing...Probably because the stone reminded me of a light..XD)
God, and the picture of Bilbo lying on the floor?! XD Perfect, haha1
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